Just a taste of fashion

Later on this week I will be posting photos focusing on fashion for my most recent assignment in my studio photography class, but here’s a taste of what’s to come!

My classmates and I were given the opportunity to practice with models that came to our class on Monday. Half of the class divided up and went in the studio and the other half worked outside and we swapped after we shot at each location. To my surprise I found it was actually easier working with the models outside because we weren’t confined to just one area so we shot up against walls, statues, and over some train tracks. The models were really troopers being out in the cold  and helping us out. These are two of my favorite shots from that class period, one in the studio and the other outside.


Aaqilah Abdur-Rasheed, 20, from Southfield, Michigan, models in the studio for the studio photography class at Central Michigan University (CMU) on Monday, Oct. 10. Abdur-Rasheed is a junior at CMU and is pursuing a degree in advertising.


Merissa McTaggart, 23, from Port Huron, Michigan, poses on the train tracks located on Central Michigan University’s campus on Monday, Oct. 10. McTaggart is pursuing a double major at CMU in biology and psychology.

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