SASS Burlesque Revue to Perform Post Valentine’s Day Burlesque Show

The ladies of the SASS Burlesque Revue will be performing their “Love Hangover Burlesque Show” on Saturday, Feb. 27 at Rubble’s Bar.
There will be a $10 cover charge at the adult only event, the proceeds of which according to the group are reinvested into future shows and covering costs.
The show will begin at 10 p.m. at the bar, located on 112 W. Michigan St. in Mount Pleasant.
SASS, standing for Smart and Sexy Sirens, is a mixed sex performance art group. Some of the performers were formerly part of another burlesque group in Mount Pleasant, The Pleasant Ladies.
Performers include Allie Baster, Red Deane Willing, Goldie N. Ticket, Margaret Snatcher, Etta Cetera, Johnny Shoes (previously Oliver Clothes Off), Sean Scissorkick Stout, Amber Dextrous, Raven Lamore, and Dan Gleesack. The SASS crew requested to be identified only by their stage names.
In previous performances SASS has featured interactive activities with the audience such as strip trivia and passing out candy at their Halloween show.

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