Company aims to prevent date rape using nail polish

During the spring of 2014, Undercover Colors emerged, a company that has been the topic of much controversy, aims to create a product, specifically nail polish, that will detect common date rape drugs such as GHB, Rohypnol, Xanax in drinks. According to Undercover Colors Facebook page, the goal is, “To invent technologies that empower women to protect themselves.” Simply by putting a finger in a drink, the polish will change color if date rape drugs are present.

Four students from North Carolina State University developed Undercover Colors as a working solution for a real problem. The company gained a lot of media attention during the fall from organizations such as BBC, The Washington Post, and CBS, but it has been relatively quiet on social media since December. Undercover Colors is currently in the process of raising money to continue development.

Information about when the nail polish will be available for purchase has not yet been released, though personally I am curious about the specifics. Would the color change be instant, or would you have to keep your finger in your drink for an extended period of time? Is the nail polish a viable option for men, such as clear nail version, since males can also can be victims of date rape .

But the real problem is not whether you are able to detect date rape drugs in your drink. The problem is that someone put them there. Being able to subtlety detect an ill-intended drug in your drink is a great step, but it’s still just a step. What happens after the detection? Can you press charges? If any, what would the legal ramifications be?

Though I am all about women’s safety and empowerment, it is important to note that date rape can still occur without the presence of drugs. Precautions such as the buddy system and making your own drinks are relatively flawless solutions that are undervalued.

All I know is I certainly plan to get myself some, because hey a girl can’t be too careful right?

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